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Inviting Everyone

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You don't have to be famous for Jesus to love you. Jesus doesn't discriminate. However, we often do. How can we help kids include everyone at church?

Theme: Discrimination
Text: Luke 14:12-14
Preparation: You'll need a treat for each child and a Bible.

The Message: (Select half the children to be "famous." Tell them to talk only to one another. Let the groups interact for one minute.)

Now we'll have a party and invite only our famous friends. If you're not famous, you'll have to sit in the corner of the room. (Pass out treats to the famous group. Continue to role play until you sense kids' frustration. Then gather everyone in a circle, and pass out treats to the rest of the kids.)

If you were famous, how did it feel to ignore your friends in the other group? If you weren't famous, how did it feel to be ignored and not get invited? Have you ever felt this way at church or at school? Explain.

What are reasons we don't include people? (Read the Scripture.) Jesus said we should include people no matter what they look like or what they own. What are ways you can include people at church or school?



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