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Learning and remembering the names of every child who is active in your children's ministry can be a daunting task. This fun ice breaker is a great way to help everyone get to know each other better.

Have children sit in chairs in a circle. Begin by saying your name while holding on to the end of a ball of yarn. Then roll the ball across the circle to someone else. Have the group respond by saying "hello" to that person, using his or her name; for example, "Hello, Kyle."

As everyone holds on to his or her part of the string, the web grows. After everyone has been introduced, the web is complete. Afterward, discuss how we're all connected to each other.


Have children try to remember the names of everyone that was introduced before them.

Have children stand and hold the web in place. Instruct them to raise the web up high,

bring it down low, and walk in a complete circle until they reach their chairs again.

Have everyone stand while holding the web. Then have each child take a turn crawling under the web to the person he or she chooses to pray a blessing over. The prayed-for person then goes back to where his or her prayer partner came from and chooses someone else to pray for.

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