Interactive Nativity Play



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Materials: Stage, props, costumes, and

Time: About one hour

Get everyone-kids and parents-involved in your Christmas
celebration with this interactive nativity play.

Create a nativity scene on your stage. Place easy-to-wear
costumes for Mary, Joseph, Jesus, angels, shepherds, Magi, cows,
sheep, and a donkey around the scene.

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Invite your congregation to attend this nativity event. Recruit
a volunteer or your pastor to read aloud the Christmas story. The
narrator will need to pause during key points and invite audience
members to join the set. Willing audience members will join the
nativity set, put on their costumes, and act out their parts. At
the end of the event, have everyone sing Christmas hymns.

For the best success, don’t place limits on your participants
such as gender, age, or even the number of people. You’ll find that
most love getting involved and have a great time improvising in
this joyful rendition of Jesus’ birth.

Gail Stevens Shourds
Heath, Ohio

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