Sense-sational Sunday School Ideas to Grow Your Ministry


Use the five senses to “wow” kids in your children’s ministry.

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Stop for a moment and close your eyes. Think about a time-in ministry, in school, in your life—when someone or something truly took your breath away. For me, it was a college psychology class when, on the very first day, the professor took roll. No big deal, except that he already knew everyone’s names and birthdates—and for almost all 50 of us, it was the first time we’d ever laid eyes on him. Maybe it was a “slight of hand” trick—but whatever it was, I still remember it and the feeling of awe it gave me. It was a “wow” experience.

Have you ever looked around your ministry and wondered what affect you’re having on kids? How do you wow kids? You can infuse your ministry with awe by tapping kids’ senses—and their sensibilities. Read on for wow success—from the very smallest to the very largest experience your kids will have in your ministry.

Step By Step

Step into your kids’ shoes and take a walk through your classroom and ministry. Think minute-by-minute. What do kids experience each moment? Now that you’ve taken the tour, use the following “sense-sational” recipe to create awe-inspiring experiences for kids.

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