Inside Group: The Power of Team


We wish you could experience the process that occurs here at
Group every time a new product is created. The power of team is
evident from the birth of a new idea, article, book, lesson, or
event to the time it’s introduced and delivered to you, our

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We realized from the very beginning of Group Publishing 27 years
ago that providing resources that encourage Christian growth in
children, youth, and adults would take a team effort. As we’ve been
faithful in joining together with a team of people who have the
same desire, God has continued to bless our company. Every member
of the Group family, whether in communications, administration,
workcamps, sales and marketing, products, staff services,
distribution, or technology, understands his or her responsibility
as a team member to accomplish the goals God’s given us.


Whether it’s a company or a church, the power of team helps create
an environment where everyone’s a part of the mission. Instead of
us describing what that means to people here, we decided to let
some of our Group staff — who we call Groupies — describe what it
means to be part of the team.

Children's Ministry Local Training

“Being part of the Group team for me has been very inspiring,
touching, fun, and at times tearful. When I hear some of the
amazing life-changing stories that our customers have shared with
me, at times I’ve been moved to tears just knowing that what we
have to offer here at Group has made-and every day makes-such a
huge impact on the lives of children, youth, and adults everywhere!
When people call in with success stories, and they’re so excited
that they almost jump through the phone, I’m on the other end just
as excited or more. I love working here and touching hearts and
lives, and even praying with and for them about their church’s
triumphs as well as their trials. We’re a team working together to
take care of our customers and to share some of that love and
friendship with each one we come in contact with!”
-Samantha Lucero, Customer Service

“Last fall we decided to create a networking party for churches
that use our VBS, facilitated by the local church [in]their
community. We were so thrilled when we had 196 churches volunteer
to host Polar Parties. Our internal team here at Group came up with
the script and video, materials, database setup, and registration
process. The church hosts sent invitations to 25 churches in their
area, provided refreshments, and facilitated the party. Everyone
played an important part to make this a success.

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Together we had more than 1,100 people attend a Polar Party, and
95 percent said they’d like to attend another party next year. It
was so exciting to work with a team both internally and externally
that caught the vision and went the extra mile to make a difference
in this year’s VBS program.”
-Teresa Strawn, R.E.A.L. Learning Network Manager

“I’ve had the opportunity to work at Group Publishing for the past
9½ years. I’ve found that I’ve grown not only in office procedures
and computer skills, but in my faith as well. The relationships
that I’ve had and continue to have with the people in the
churches…have been the highlight of my work here at Group. The
stories of the children and the growth of the churches have been
outstanding. Every night I have a ‘downtime’ where I just listen
and think about the people who’ve influenced both their flocks and
myself. It’s such a blessing and humbling experience.”
-Marylou Dahlgren, California Sales Representative

“Mark 10:43-45 refers to being great by being a servant to all,
and our department serves each other as well as our customers. I
work out of my home in Michigan and wouldn’t be able to do my job
without the efforts of my team in Loveland, Colorado. What [team] means to me is that I can rely on anyone there to do what’s needed
when calls come in. A lot of things aren’t ‘my job’ or ‘their job,’
it’s ‘our job’ to get things done. I get referrals for potential
future workcamp cosponsors from our division very quickly, and I
really appreciate all the support from my team. By staying
supportive and serving each other, our team is #1.”
-Dave Peters, Workcamps

“I like the Group team because I’ve never seen a company take
advantage of complementary skill sets as well as we do. Group
regularly gathers a group of diverse talents (internal artists,
editors, marketers, financial and organizational people, and
external church leaders) in a room around a problem and lets them
all contribute equally to it. The result is often a great idea that
really meets the needs of the church. It doesn’t always work that
way, but more often than not I think it does, and I like it.”
-James Misloski, Strategic Marketing Manager


How to Make Your Nursery Safe and Sound

Take a look at your present ministry. Ask your people what the
power of team could do for your church. Identify your needs,
observe which people could fill those needs, and then invite them
to join the team. Don’t overload them. Like in any business, look
for people who can do one thing well. Nurture them, train them, and
resource them (with products from Group Publishing, of course!).
After you’ve done that, empower them to make decisions in their
area of ministry, surround them with a great team, and watch your
ministry grow.

Thom Schultz is founder and president of Group Publishing,
Inc. Joani Schultz is chief creative officer.

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