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Group’s Church Volunteer Central
Our research and development have produced Group’s Church
Volunteer Central. It’s a membership association that provides a
wealth of at-hand resources to solve just about any volunteer need.
With new resources, Web-based material, training, screening, and
free access to a personal phone consultant, you’ll find everything
you need to make volunteerism a snap.

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Church leaders are no longer on their own. You name the volunteer
challenge, and Group’s Church Volunteer Central can help you solve

It’s all there, right at your fingertips: Training tools.
Motivation ideas. Retention strategies. Handbooks, job
descriptions, applications, certificates, and interview templates.
Evaluations. All kinds of pre-made forms. You can access an
incredibly large amount of content through our online pages –
literally thousands of articles, forms, and more-that will be
continually growing week after week.

What’s especially unique about this service is that it gives you
personalized, custom help for any challenge you face. Here’s an
overview of some of the key features.

• Hundreds of fresh, field-tested ideas for recruiting, training,
motivating, and retaining volunteers — all easily searchable by
key words.
• Customizable tools like volunteer handbooks, job descriptions,
applications, and interview forms. You just add your church name
and details to solve your unique situation with these tools as a
starting point.
• Thorough background checks that are simple, quick, and easy to
access — and very affordable, too. You choose the level of
research: criminal, driving, or credit records.
• Automated electronic recruiting that streamlines your recruiting
and communication efforts. You receive customizable email to
forward to just the right people.
• Online training for specific volunteer positions, along with
self-graded evaluations. You forward the online content with a
test. The results can be sent directly to you to inform you of
who’s completed the training and how they fared.
• A volunteer management database that lets you manage, track, and
schedule your volunteers online.
• Knowledgeable phone consultation to walk you through even the
stickiest of situations.

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And there’s so much more. What’s most exciting is that everything
is customizable for your precise needs. You’ll want to check out
this expansive resource by visiting the Web site at

You Can Do It!
Group’s Church Volunteer Central makes volunteer management
doable. It’s thorough, easy, quick, simple — and designed
specifically for you, the busy church leader.

We asked people what they thought this type of service should
cost. While most responded that the value would be tremendous, they
estimated a realistic cost ranging from $250 to $500. We’re excited
to be able to offer a charter one-year membership to Group’s Church
Volunteer Central for only $99.99 (regular membership cost is
$149.99). One membership serves your entire church — all your
staff and all your volunteers.

(Also, Group customers get the added convenience of one-stop
monthly billing on their Group account.)

What if you could double the number of your volunteers? What could
you accomplish? How would your church grow? How many lives could be
transformed? Can you imagine it?
We can. When we think about what the church could be, it all
starts with firing up the volunteers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if
we could say, “The harvest is plentiful…and the workers are

You can take a free tour of Church Volunteer Central at our Web
site, Check it

Thom Schultz ( is founder and
president of Group Publishing, Inc. Joani Schultz
( is chief creative officer.

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