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Information Binder

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First of all, I help each first-grade girl fill out a get-to-know-you sheet with questions about her address, phone, family, interests, and more. I put all these forms in a three-ring binder.

Behind each girl's information sheet, I put a few sheets of lined paper to record when I call or send notes or cards to the child. I try to write or call each girl at least every other week. When I send a note, I send along the week's memory verse, and I also tell something fun we'll be doing the following week in class. Or I comment on something the girl told me in class or on an upcoming event in her life. This makes the girls feel very special.

In my binder, I also keep my class's attendance record, notepads in fun colors, stickers to put on the outside of envelopes, and bookmarks to surprise the girls.

Amy Szlapak
Columbus, Ohio

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