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cm_0712coverIn This Issue of Children’s Ministry
Magazine: September/October 2013


My Biggest Mistake
These brave children’s ministers share their biggest
failure in ministry-and how they grew from it.

Good Question!
A guide to asking great questions that’ll help kids own
their faith.

Kids love our Sunday School resources!

Rate This Family Ministry

We want parents to lead the way when it comes to their
kids’ faith-but what do they want from your family ministry?

Giving Bullies the Reboot
Insights on the impact of bullying today-plus real advice from an
expert to help stop it and equip your kids to overcome it.

Delete-Proof Your Emails
Key ways to ensure that people read rather than delete your

Get to the Root
A realistic look at how your ministry will-or won’t-produce
lasting faith in kids.

Quit Wasting Time
Are you wasting precious time in ministry? You might be surprised
by what these experts say.

Wild About God
A wild, wild event that’ll build momentum for your ministry this

button_orange AGE-LEVEL INSIGHTS

Birth to 2
Open the Bible, leaves of praise, ministry after loss, plus

Ages 3 to 5
Monkey trap, here is the church, the power of play, plus more.

Ages 6 to 9
Plagues game, vases for grandparents, talking faith, plus

Ages 10 to 12
Special notebooks with God’s Word, practicing rest, controlling
the chaos, plus more.

button_pink IDEAS

Reaching Out
School prayer walk, HopeMob, Christmas made easy.

Family Ministry
4 keys for great parent meetings, keep it simple, plus more.

Special Needs
Support and celebrate kids with Asperger’s, proximity
plus more.

Discipline Q&Amp;A
No-touch policies, creating structure, preschool outbursts.

Expert insights from children’s ministry leaders.

>>And much


Chrisyj _85x 85From the Editor:

Mistakes, I’ve made a few.
A few years ago, I thought I was quite creative when I introduced
a balloon craft that required permanent markers-with
preschoolers…in church clothes…worn for the first time that Sunday.
I sent an apology letter to parents afterward and offered to
replace the permanently marked-up clothing.

Another time, out of desperation to fill my roster, I recruited a
sweet man who was pumped to be a large-group leader. I didn’t think
I had the time to vet him. The first Sunday that he led with a
boring monotone, well, let’s just say it’s good I’m not a swearing

One of my biggest mistakes-and regrets-in ministry involved an
angry email I sent to the paid children’s minister who replaced me
as a volunteer leader. This transition was more difficult than I
ever thought it would be; it was like handing my baby over to a
stranger and hanging around to watch her raise that baby. When I
felt that the new leader’s priorities were misplaced, leaving me
without the needed support to staff a second program, I wrote
hurtful things. And then I hit “send.” Big regret. Thank God she
forgave me.

If you’re in ministry, I’m sure you’ve made a few mistakes and I
can guarantee you’re going to make more. Mistakes happen because
our humanity creeps into our high calling of making Jesus
irresistible to kids.
In the article “My Biggest Mistake” on page 62, seven children’s
ministers share their biggest mistakes. I could definitely see
myself in their stories, and their experiences serve as a good
reminder that no failure is fatal.

I’ve had that lesson reinforced over and over here at Group. When
we make mistakes-some big, some little-our leaders ask, “What can
we learn from this?” Heads don’t roll. Voices don’t rise. We simply
acknowledge that when we work in an innovative culture with human
beings, we’ll make mistakes. And the best thing to do when we fail
is ask for forgiveness when needed, learn from our mistakes, and
move on.

I hope you’ll be encouraged today-no matter what mistakes you’ve
made-by Paul’s words in Philippians 3:13-14: “Forgetting the past
and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end
of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through
Christ Jesus, is calling us.”

Press on!

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