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In This Issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine: November/December 2011

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cm0911coverIn This
Issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine: Nov./Dec.

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& Tired of Competing with Sports?

Feeling shut out by kids’ sports programs? Here’s the rulebook on
how to stop competing for kids’ attendance.

Don’t Fence Kids Out
Where do we go and what do we do today to tear down the “fences”
getting in the way of reaching out to kids?

Crazy About Parents

Want to move toward a ministry of mutual respect and support with
parents? Here’s your guide.

Windows To a Kid’s World
Take a closer look at the kids you love so much-and help them each
discover and learn to live their God-given identity.

Kids love our Sunday School resources!

Good Public Relations
A PR primer to boost your recruiting efforts.

The 12 Ideas of

On the first day of Christmas, Children’s Ministry Magazine gave
to me…12 family-friendly ways to celebrate Jesus’ birth!

button_orange AGE-LEVEL

Birth to 2
Sharing gifts, the greatest gift, really woolly baby ornament,
brain food, lifelong learning starts early.

Ages 3 to 5
Unexpected places, breakfast with the shepherds, Song of the
Stars, Christ-less-mas, eenie-meenie.

Ages 6 to 9
Part the Red Sea, darkness vs. light, the spooner, the power of
objects, and more.

Ages 10 to 12
Made new, creationary, Reverse Charades, kids in foster care, soul


Reaching Out
Birthday card blast, Christmas stockings, winter playgroup.

Family Ministry
Family Advent-ure time, Beyond the Brady Bunch, conduits for the

Special Needs
Love the whole family, sibshops, he ain’t heavy-he’s my

Discipline Q&Amp;A
Chatty kids, non-listening kids, mocking kids.

Leading Volunteers
The most important person you lead, g.i.f.t.s. for volunteers, The
Church Unique Vision Kit, fewer volunteers giving more time,
dismissing a volunteer.

>>And much


chrisyj_85x85From the Editor:

Attitude is a funny thing. No matter how hard
we try to hide it, we just can’t. If you have children, you know
what I mean. A bad attitude can show up with eye rolling,
shrugging, skulking (is that a word?), and even grunting.
I’ve seen bad attitudes show up in grownups, too. In a meeting,
I’ve watched the furtive glance across the table when someone is
having a bad attitude. Crossed arms, texting under the table, body
language that shuts out others. I’ve seen it all. Sometimes, I’ve
even been guilty of these behaviors.
Attitude. You can’t hide it. You can’t fake it. In time, people
know how you really feel. Whether you know it or not: What you
believe is seeping out of you in your body language, your words,
and how you greet folks every Sunday.
So what’s your attitude about parents? We asked in a survey a few
years ago and found out that many people in children’s ministry
have a low estimate of how well parents are doing in nurturing
their children spiritually. If only parents would get it
together, we’d reach children for Christ
we secretly
If you’re not a parent, I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s
something every parent knows instinctively and battles emotionally.
We’re not always sure what to do. We look around and believe others
are doing it better. And things happen rather often that somehow
reinforce what we know in our heart of hearts-we’re doing something
wrong. We parents need help-and especially when it comes to helping
our kids love God.
We need cheerleaders! We need people who believe in us, encourage
us, support us. We need you!
Here’s what we don’t need to hear: That sure enough we’re not very
good at helping our children grow in their faith. That we’re
abysmal at using the take-home paper! If only we’d stop dropping
our kids off at your ministry and delegating their faith
development to you maybe our world wouldn’t be going to hell in a
hand basket!
Please give us parents what we need: Love us! Cheer us on! Be our
#1 fan! For raving fan tips, check out “Crazy About Parents” on
page 76 to get your cheerleader groove on.
And now let’s hear it for parents! 2, 4, 6, 8…who do we

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