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In This Issue May June 2012


 cm_0312coverIn This Issue of Children’s Ministry
Magazine: May/June 2012

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No Shame on

Do you unwittingly use language that shames kids? Find out how to
fill your language and ministry with God’s grace, a magnet for
kids’ hearts.

The Small-Church Challenge
More than 90 percent of churches have fewer than 250 weekly
attendees. If you’re in the 90 percent, this article’s for

The Modern Family
Children’s Ministry consultant Amy Dolan digs into how our
language and actions can be either helpful- or harmful-to today’s

Kids love our Sunday School resources!

How To Lose
Your Volunteers in 25 Days

This tongue-in-cheek article makes powerful points about what it
takes to hang on to your team.

Operation Kid-to-Kid

Journey with us to the Dominican Republic to see how kids reaching
out to other kids changes everyone.

Game On!
Six game like experiences to help your kids connect with God and
each other.

button_orange AGE-LEVEL

Birth to 2
Welcome song, flower fiesta, organizing your nursery, Little
Lion’s Bible and Little Lamb’s Bible, good guys, bad guys.

Ages 3 to 5
Joyful noise, the walls fall down, think like a preschooler, The
Beginner’s Bible Book of Prayers, and more.

Ages 6 to 9
Hannah’s prayer, faith bottles, five ways to tell a story, 101
Bible Adventures, musical take-homes.

Ages 10 to 12
The big idea board, strongman relay, relationships vs. rules,
Rory’s story cubes, making it stick.


Reaching Out
Outreach lunch bags, weekend VBS, birthday parties on a

Family Ministry
Should we require parents to serve, cup gardens, Trained in the
Fear of God.

Special Needs
Volunteers, line up here, the dangers of ‘w’ sitting, Autism and
Your Church.

Discipline Q&Amp;A
Sexually acting out, breaking pencils and crayons, when
discipline philosophy differs with church policy.

Leading Volunteers
Online volunteer connections, W.A.R.M. leaders, leading millennial
volunteers, MOVE, sex offenders target nonprofts

>>And much



chrisyj_85x85From the Editor:

There’s so much I love about the small church
where I grew up in Dougherty, Oklahoma. I love that someone was
always there to teach us in Sunday school. Third-grade teacher Lela
Rollins’ hands shook whenever she held her teacher guide; yet she
painted with precision a Siamese cat for me at Christmas. I loved

It was in this small church that I had one of my first touches
with a children’s ministry (even though they didn’t call it that
back then). And it changed my life forever. I’m grateful for this
small congregation that loved me, taught me, and prayed for me. The
congregation of eight stood by Dill Creek one Sunday afternoon as
my sister and I got baptized; they sang “Shall We Gather at the
River?” (I’m not making this up).

I’m grateful that every summer, this church held vacation Bible
school. I’m grateful for the little ragamuffin choir that assembles
to this day when the song leader tells us to just come up front.
And the meet-and-greet time isn’t a simple handshake; people get up
out of their seats and fill the aisles to have meaningful
conversations. Only in a small church!

I’m grateful for the ways this church embraced me when I came back
from college as a sold-out Christian to minister to our summer
youth group (from ages 3 to 16!). And I’m grateful for the way Alma
Morgan befriended me and loved me even though she was almost 60
years older.

I wonder if my little church dealt with big church envy at all. If
they did, I never knew it. If you’re in a small church, you know
the unique challenges-and joys-that come from your context. I
believe there are more pros than cons. You can discover more about
what’s great in “Small Church Challenges” by Rick Chromey on page

If you’re part of a small church and sometimes get discouraged
that you’re not Big Church on the Corner, I hope you’ll be
encouraged today. Someone-like me-will sing your praises throughout
eternity because of your faithful love and service.

What you do in your little corner of the kingdom of God matters-in
big and small ways!

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