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M2Cover0311In This Issue: March/April 2011

>>From the Editor: Happy 20th Anniversary!
Not to us, but to you! Because if there were no you, there'd be no us!
Twenty years ago, we made a promise to ourselves and to you that we'd do our very best to partner with you to make Jesus irresistible to kids. It has been our privilege here at Children's Ministry Magazine to serve you. You've amazed us with your passion and vision and steadfastness over the last 20 years!
And for the next 20 years, we promise to…
by Christine Yount Jones

>>A Basket Full of Ideas: Easter is one of the biggest days on your church calendar -- and for good reason. As a children's ministry leader, you want Easter celebrations to make a big impact in children's lives. After all, it's the resurrection of our Savior that changes all our lives! For 10 new ways to capture attention and hearts on this joyful day, dig into this "basket" of ideas that'll help children and families know Easter's true meaning.

>>Handle With Care?: Fear be gone! Let's stop shielding our children from pursuing the Great Commission...A recent eye-opening experience led me to a surprising, shocking conclusion: Most of us, when it comes right down to it, really aren't comfortable having children follow Jesus. Hold on; let me explain...
by Larry Shallenberger

>>Something Old, Something New: During the first 20 years of Children's Ministry Magazine, some of our most popular articles have tackled the always-relevant topic of finding and keeping volunteers who are passionate about sharing Jesus with children. As an anniversary present to you, we've compiled our 20 best, most-enduring volunteer insights. Use these tips as a one-stop resource for all your volunteer-leadership needs.

>>Rock of All Ages: As she trains worship leaders throughout the country, Yancy Richmond often quotes this mind-boggling statistic: By the time children reach age 18, they have an estimated 10,000 songs in their heads. Richmond, known onstage as Yancy, wants to make sure they're getting the right musical message. Discover how to lead meaningful worship -- from this dynamic children's leader.
By Patty Smith

>>Ministry Dreams: It's official: Children's Ministry Magazine is 20 years young! As this major anniversary approached, we wanted to celebrate in style. And we wanted the celebration to be all about you, our faithful readers and subscribers! To honor the amazing, important work you do day in and day out, we decided to spend a year giving back-giving away $20,000 in awards to 20 ministry dreamers. Over 1,000 of you sent in your ideas, plans, hopes, and dreams for your ministries. Meet the five most recent winners.

>>And much more...

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