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In This Issue Mar Apr 2012


cm_0312coverIn This Issue of Children's Ministry Magazine: March/April 2012

button_green FEATURES

The Bible Uncensored
No R-rated Bible story should be off-limits with children-at any age!

Best Practices in Family Ministry
We asked children's ministry and family ministry leaders for their #1 idea to minister to families. You won't believe how easy some of these are!

Plan B
What to do when you've done everything possible to get enough Sunday school teachers...and you still fall short.

Ministry for All
For many parents, a child's diagnosis of autism can mean a journey into scary, uncharted territory. Discover how one mom made the journey-and along the way made a special needs ministry.

Ministry Myth Busters
Check out the top 5 myths children's ministers believed-and discover the truth that's set them free.

Easter Giveaways
6 ideas that'll help kids in your ministry take Easter to their community.

button_orange AGE-LEVEL INSIGHTS

Birth to 2
Fish in the sea, sharing song, training tips for nursery, Sunday Bunny.

Ages 3 to 5
Prayer pizza, marshmallow crosses, from empty space to preschool space, Heaven Is for Real for Kids, preschool takes a hit.

Ages 6 to 9
Mother's Day wordles, I'm a tater, mission-minded kids, The Pocket Book Doodle Bible.

Ages 10 to 12
Stress no more, smile tag, emerging romantic interests, The Rizers Rise Up, Sunday morning storytellers.

button_pink IDEAS

Reaching Out
Wipe out malaria in Mali, God's gardeners, host a block party.

Family Ministry
Equipping grandparents, scrambled Easter eggs, The Legacy Path.

Special Needs
Encouraging ideas, ministry cross-pollination, Different Dream Parenting.

Discipline Q&A
Disciplining kids of staff, behavior rewards, disciplining a child with special needs.

Leading Volunteers
30/30 vision, volunteer news, 10 keys to effective leadership, Church
Volunteer Central, unhappy team members.

>>And much more...



chrisyj_85x85From the Editor:

We met in college. She had a gift for drama, a hilarious sense of humor, and a burning faith in God. A few years later, we were seminary roommates studying theology because we couldn't get enough of our amazing God. We both ended up in college ministry in separate states. We stayed in touch through marriages, babies, career changes, and heartbreaks.

I'll never forget being with her Abby (who was born the same year as my first). She was 3 with the vocabulary of an adult. Precocious. Articulate. Curious. Delightful. She was her mother's delight.

Not long after that Abby had her first seizure. A fluke perhaps caused by a high fever. But seizure after seizure followed. Doctors were mystified. My friend cried out to the God she'd always turned to.

And slowly, my friend watched her Abby disappear into a fog of medication, after-effects of seizures, and injuries from falls. Her learning and development was delayed. The traces of the child who once was stayed, but Abby would never be the same. So much was lost.

And the flame of my precious friend's faith wavered. She wrote, "Life is too hard for me. I just could not hang onto my faith. I tried, white-knuckled, I tried. But it slipped through my fingers."

I send her heartfelt words that feel so empty. What can I possibly say to make things better?

Recently my friend wrote, "It is so hard to reconcile a loving god with Abby's daily suffering. Right now, she's unconscious on her bedroom floor. She's had six seizures today. She's been robbed of so much. I cannot see the good."

My friend is miles away and words may soothe but cannot truly heal. She needs someone there who can lift her burden. Cry with her. Serve her. Give her some kind of respite.

She needs the words to become flesh. And there are so many more families like hers--everywhere. They need someone like Stephanie Willoughby who created a special needs ministry after having two sons with autism (page 82). They need someone like Amy Fenton Lee who's passionate about special needs ministry (page 46). They need someone like you to become Jesus for them.

My heart breaks for my friend and others like her. My prayer is that God will give those of us in children's ministry the grace to become Jesus for them and not only love their children but possibly also reignite their faith.

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