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In This Issue of Children's Ministry Magazine: July/August 2011

Cover0511>>From the Editor: Every single person who knows my mother says when they meet me: "This must be Norma's daughter!" Just by looking at me, they see the resemblance. But my kids, who know her and me, see a resemblance that's beyond the facial features we share. "Mo-o-om, you sound like Dobbie," they'll say sometimes.
by Christine Yount Jones

Do rewards belong in your ministry?

Use this both-feet-in fall kickoff event to make a big imprint on your volunteer team.

Family "Values"
How do we involve families when church is often their last priority?

Ministry Lessons to Un-Learn
Veteran leaders reveal the lessons they've had to unlearn to be truly effective in children's ministry.

Culture Soup
Mmm, mmm...Bad

>>And much more...

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