In This Issue July August 2013

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cm_0712coverIn This Issue of Children’s Ministry
Magazine: July/August 2013


Supercharge Your Ministry
5 no-miss plans that’ll increase your ministry’s
outreach, effectiveness, retention, online visibility, and

We Jumped
the Volunteer Gap

After a serious volunteer staffing crisis, this children’s
ministry opted to start over- with a new focus on

Kids love our Sunday School resources!

The Feel-Good

Have we gone too far by nurturing a “feel-good,”
mentality for kids today?

Faith at Home
Find out how ministries like yours are successfully helping
families make faith their centerpiece at home.

Leading the Tech-Averse
8 steps to help your team-even the most reluctant ones-align with
your new ministry technology.

Who Is This Man?
Author and pastor John Ortberg talks about how Jesus changed the
way the world sees children.

Splish Splash, Faith Blast!
8 water games to help your kids cool off- and grow in faith this

button_orange AGE-LEVEL

Birth to 2
Diaper card holder, Jesus’ lost lamb, toddler thank-you’s, plus

Ages 3 to 5
Stuttering and cluttering, cloud by day, faith check-in, plus

Ages 6 to 9
Rainbow fruit kebabs, shining lighthouses, refresh, plus more.

Ages 10 to 12
Cave ball, you’re an angel, get a grip on preteens’ minds, plus


Reaching Out
Formula One Life, pen-pal outreach, Fall Fest phonathon.

Family Ministry
Three pillars of family ministry, start a family blessing, plus

Special Needs
From messy to meaningful, take a “book walk,” plus more.

Discipline Q&Amp;A
Preschooler escapee, child and cruel tricks, many faith

Expert insights from children’s ministry leaders.

>>And much

Chrisyj _85x 85From the Editor:

I balk when it comes to talking about marketing. Instead, I love
working with gifted people to create amazing resources. But lately,
I’ve realized that’s not enough. And maybe you have also.

Here’s what I know about Children’s Ministry Magazine readers: 98
percent of you are uber-creative! (And those of you who aren’t have
strategically recruited someone who is!) You love thinking about
the nuances of programs. You decorate with flair. You search for
the most innovative resources. You put your creative touches in
every corner of your ministry. In my opinion, you’re the most
creative people in the church!

Yet after all the creative energy you expend, sometimes you launch
a program and hardly anyone shows up. Discouragement sets in. Doubt
creeps in. Did I do the wrong thing? Did I do the right thing but
in the wrong way? Do I even understand how to attract kids and

The answer to those questions is NO, NO, and YES!

I can answer emphatically because I know you love God with all
your heart. You don’t create programs or outreaches lightly without
seeking his direction. I believe you’re walking hand in hand with
God as you create. You’re doing the right things!

The one thing that needs shoring up in our ministries isn’t
creativity; it’s marketing. Yeah, I said it. It’s the one thing I
often run from because it sounds like a “money-changer” thing, but
it’s critical to reaching kids and families for Jesus.

Program development and publicity have to happen at the same time.
In fact, social media, press releases, advertisements, mailers,
fliers, posters, and more need as much of your creative energy and
brilliance as everything else in your ministry. Marketing can’t be
an afterthought.

Not good at that? Never fear! That’s why God has given us the body
of Christ with amazingly gifted people who’d love to come alongside
your ministry and help out.

Not sure where to find those people? Again, never fear! We’ve
added a special 5-page section called Leadership on pages 55-59 to
help you figure out all kinds of things to lead your
team-recruiting, training, growing, leading, and more! You can look
forward to this expert help in every issue.

Let us know what you think! We’re always striving to serve you
better. (Hope you noticed the “marketing” plug I just did. I’m

May God multiply your creativity as you diligently market!

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