It’s Important to Talk to Kids Early About Cyberbullying


Everyone knows cyberbullying is a serious issue and happens on a regular basis. Would you know your child was cyberbulling someone? According to a new study released by Primus Telecommunications Canada, half of Canadian parents think their child could be cyberbullying others. The study also said 89 percent of parents think their child would tell them if they were being bullied, but the company says most kids don’t tell their parents.

The company’s Brad Fisher said it’s best to start talking to kids early.

“As soon as they have access, it’s important to start the dialogue, it’s important to start being aware of ones children’s activities online and it’s important for parents to familiarize themselves with the technologies” he said.

Knowing how to talk to your child about bullying will help you begin the conversation. This isn’t an easy conversation to have, but is it important to have it, and support them through it. Here’s a list of tips that you can share with parents to help educate their children about online safety.

Here are some article related to bullying that you can use in your children’s ministry:

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  1. There is no such thing as cyber bullying instead it should be called what it truly is. Parental CHILD NEGLECT. It is the parents over all responsibility as parents to control and monitor this type of behavior.

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