Impact for a Lifetime?


I'm just mulling over some thoughts about a passionate promise we make sometimes: "Use this and you'll impact children for a lifetime." Or, "You'll help kids love Jesus for a lifetime."

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Man! That's what I want! That's the passion of my heart. But lately, I've been wondering if that's a realistic promise. And is it what God calls us to? And does it overestimate my–or anyone's–influence?

Would it be enough to say "use this and right now, this day, help children love Jesus"? Seems to me it would be more accurate.

Faith development is a journey. And the Holy Spirit is the travel guide. And to believe that a one-time hit is going to be the end-all and be-all, that just may be arrogant. I love what Ali Thompson said about this: "The bottom line: God can use the little things all together to change someone's life. The Holy Spirit guided each of those people in my life, but even more than that he wove their voices together to create the tapestry of my spiritual formation."

Is it enough to be a part of the entire tapestry and in humility acknowledge our little part–rather than saying what we do now will have a lifetime impact? I'm curious what others think in this dialogue.

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