I Wish! I Wish!


I lost my work badge (again). Bummer! That creates all kinds of irritations trying to get around in our building. And I looked and looked. Even cleaned out my car (which is a good thing). Found things under the couch cushions I didn't need, of course. Whew! It's dirty under there! And I prayed with a double mind–God cares about the little things vs. this is a ridiculous prayer.

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Anyway, made me wish that I didn't lose stuff. My son even said, "Maybe you need to put a beeper on it to help you find it next time." If I did, everything in my house would be covered with beepers. I wish I were more organized! Life would be easier!

Which made me think about children's ministers. What is it you wish for? What is it that you just can't seem to get a handle on–like for me, losing things? (Did I mention I lost my Bluetooth, too?) What is it that seems to irritate you repeatedly that you'd love help with–paperwork, phone calls, scheduling, meetings? If your irritation could disappear to make your life easier, what would that thing be?

Give me your wish list!

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