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I Am Special!

Terry Vermillion


1. You Are Special-Give kids each five "special" tickets. You can make these by writing "special" on ticket-like pieces of construction paper. On "go," have kids race to get rid of all their "special" tickets. To get rid of one of their "special" tickets, kids must each find one other person, tell one thing that's special about themselves and one thing that's special about that person. Once they do, they can give one "special" ticket to that person. Continue playing until kids' original five tickets are given away.

Afterward, [point] say: You've given away all your "special" tickets, but you got even more. We've got some pretty special people in our group.

2. Specialty Item-Give each person a small paper bag. Tell kids to each find an object in the room that's most like them and secretly put it in the bag. For example, someone may choose a book because they love to read or someone may choose a Kleenex tissue because they like to help hurting friends. Gather all the bags.

Read aloud 1 Thessalonians 5:11-15.

[point] Say: The Bible teaches us to encourage each other. As we remind each other of all the wonderful qualities we have, that helps build positive self-esteem in each of us. The objects in these bags represent wonderful people who God loves. I'll open one bag at a time. Guess who chose that item. You'll get three guesses.

Have kids explain why they chose their items. Make positive affirming comments and help kids do the same.

3. Me Oh My-Have each person take the object they chose and draw around it with a pencil on a sheet of paper. Provide craft supplies such as crayons, glue, scraps of yarn, fabric and sequins. Have kids use the craft supplies to make the outline of the object look as much like themselves as possible. When kids are finished, have them each display and explain their creation.

4. Prayer Line-Have kids line up behind one another in a circle. Have children each lay their hands on the child in front of them. All together, have kids pray aloud and thank God for the person in front of them. After two minutes, have kids each turn around, place their hands on the child in front of them and pray aloud for that person. Close with a big amen and a one-minute back rub.

5. Snack...

Contributors: Sheila Halasz, Jennifer Wilger, Amy Nappa and Terry Vermillion.

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