Leaders: Resolve to Make This a Great Year for Your Team


Children’s ministers’ resolutions for the new year—and none of them are about dieting! Find out what’s important to your colleagues this year.

It’s a new year. Time for reflection and goal-setting. Have you made any resolutions for your ministry? If not, these might get you started. Here’s what other children’s ministers are resolving for the new year.

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• I resolve to be more diligent in contacting children when they’re absent, just to let them know they were missed.

• I resolve to be more patient with perceived hyperactivity in my kids. (And I resolve to be more patient right now!)

• I resolve to be proactive about reaching unchurched children and families in my community.

• I resolve to be remembered as a fun and caring leader, not as “that boring old grouch who taught Sunday school!”

• I resolve to be thankful for any time my volunteers give to children’s ministry instead of being ungrateful for time not given.

• I resolve to brag about kids to their parents whenever I have the chance.

• I resolve to create a safe ministry environment by setting boundaries and enforcing those boundaries consistently.

•I resolve to do my best to make the gospel more relevant to children.

•I resolve to do something nice for a child at least once each day.

•I resolve to enjoy the privilege I have of reaching out to little ones that God loves.

•I resolve to evaluate my ministry by asking the experts-the kids themselves.

•I resolve to expect the unexpected!

•I resolve to regularly express appreciation to my volunteers.

•I resolve to find new ways to involve children in the life of the church as a whole.

•I resolve to give to children the same respect I want them to give to me.

• I resolve to help children realize the precious potential God has placed in each one of them.

• I resolve to invest in my personal spiritual growth through involvement in my church’s adult ministry groups.

• I resolve to invest in the lives of my own family members, even if it means I must cut back on my other ministry responsibilities.

• I resolve to remember that every child I come in contact with matters to God-and so must matter to me.

•I resolve to learn children’s names-and use them often.

•I resolve to let kids have fun as they learn about God.

•I resolve to make my personal devotions a priority in my schedule.

•I resolve to plan ahead.

•I resolve to read my Bible every day.

• I resolve to recognize that the song “Jesus Loves the Little Children” was written about the boys and girls in my care.

•I resolve to remember the kingdom of God is made up of people such as my children.

• I resolve to remember the most trying child in my class may be the one who needs me the most.

•I resolve to send my kids cards on their birthdays because I know kids love getting mail.

•I resolve to smile more-and mean it!

• I resolve to spend more time getting to know my volunteer teachers individually, outside of the ministry setting.

•I resolve to spend more time praying for my volunteers.

•I resolve to start recruiting VBS leaders now, and not two weeks before summer starts.

• I resolve to teach my kids something more than just the “old standard” Bible stories like the Creation or Noah and the Ark.

•I resolve to try something entirely different at least once each quarter this year.

• I resolve to eat chocolate, laugh at corny jokes, wear silly hats once in awhile, and remember there’s joy in every day if only I will look for it.

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Leaders: Resolve to Make This a Great Year for Your Team
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