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It’s that time of year again here at Group—strategic planning. It’s the time we cringe as we watch our calendars fill up with meeting after meeting for weeks. In the past, it was a grueling process that produced large notebooks of strategic plans that sometimes weren’t looked at until the next year of strategic planning—if we’re completely honest.

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But things are different this year! Thank God! We’ve discovered a new way of strategic planning that shrinks 80 hours of meetings into two hours. This new process takes an overwhelming number of goals and narrows them to a few achievable key issues. It’s been amazing to work with our leadership team to intentionally dream the future, key in on our unique signature, build on our strengths, identify inhibitors that block our growth, and map our plan for success.

One of our dreams is The How2 Children’s Ministry Conference that’s launching in early 2009. It’s a brand new leadership experience where you and your entire leadership team will discover our innovative strategic process so you can plot your success for an entire year.

The How2 Children’s Ministry Conference maximizes our unique signature—“practical innovation.” It’s innovative because nobody does training the way we do. We don’t just talk to you; we walk you through experiencing the material so it becomes a part of you. After all, you remember only 10 percent of what you hear, but 90 percent of what you experience. This is definitely a leadership experience you’ll remember!

It’s practical because you get everything we use in the conference: all the media, scripts, leader outlines, videos, fliers, timelines, handouts, and more. No conference does that! We want you to walk away with everything you need to re-create the same strategic planning, training, and experiences for your team back home. We believe in you! That’s why we’re equipping you to equip others. Now that’s practical!

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Here’s another innovation: We’ll give you a themed kick-off event; recruiting, vision-casting, and heart-warming affirmation videos; over two dozen training modules; and even more that’ll help you effectively renovate your ministry for life-changing results.

It gets even more practical with the challenges of today’s economy. We’re coming to an area near you for this Friday night and all-day Saturday event. That means no airfare needed so you can afford to bring your entire leadership team. And you’ll absolutely want to bring all your key leaders for great team-building and strategizing your bigger, brighter children’s ministry!

Don’t miss out! For more information and to register (because seating is limited), go to


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