How We Feel: The Olympic Edition


In the past, we’ve really enjoyed doing “How We Feel” blogs
where we take GIF files on the Internet and match them up with
different situations in children’s ministry. In case you missed it,
check out
part one
part two
. Today we present “How We Feel: The Olympic

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This is how we feel…

…when we’re trying to get kids’ attention with an ice-breaking

…when kids have just a little too much energy.

…when kids are determined to go off topic.

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…when we’re able to get back on topic.

…when all but one of our volunteers are on the same page.

…waiting in the pews to make an announcement while in

…when the last child leaves a lock-in event.

…when our kids get the point, but in a totally different way
than we expected.

…when we’re making huge progress in kids’ spiritual lives…and we
hit a wall.

…when a kid almost understands what you’re trying to say, but
gets distracted.


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