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How Kids Solve Problems Ages 9 to 12

Jody Capehart


Older children consider peers more important than family at this age. They'll watch how their peers solve problems. At about 11 years old, most children become highly auditory-they talk about problems to solve them. Kids are becoming independent and want to solve their own problems. However, they're also changing physically. They're entering the transition between childhood and adulthood. And this can scare them. So one time they believe they can do anything; the next time they're not sure if they can do anything.


Communicate to kids at this age that you recognize and trust their abilities to solve problems. Tell older children it's okay to fail to solve problems because they'll learn from their mistakes. Talk with kids about how they're solving real-life problems, such as conflict with friends or peer pressure. Provide kids' Christian fiction books that provide ways characters have solved problems. Then talk about the book.

AGES 9 to 12 years

Jody Capehart is an author and a Christian education consultant and speaker in Texas.

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