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How Do I Ensure Volunteers Are Teaching Theological Truth?

Church membership. Churches that require their volunteer teachers to be church members help to ensure that their teachers believe what the church teaches. If you are unwilling to require membership of your teachers, you can require that they attend the membership class. This will help them understand the beliefs of your church and will help them discover whether they believe the same things.

· Hold discussions. Have a discussion with these potential volunteers after they've attended the membership class to see if they are in agreement with the teachings of your church. Before you meet with them, investigate what you and other leaders in your church consider the basic beliefs that all potential volunteers must agree with in order to serve.

· Statement of faith. In lieu of either of these suggestions, include your church's statement of faith with your teacher-information materials. In the volunteer's interview, discuss the statement of faith to see if he or she has any questions or areas of disagreement with it. Ask volunteers to sign the statement of faith as part of the application process.

· Curriculum choices. Choose a curriculum that is theologically sound and is in agreement with your church's teachings. If a volunteer teacher sticks with the lessons in the curriculum, there should be no problem. However, if you're worried about a teacher veering from the suggested lesson, spend some time observing that class and talking with the teacher about what he or she intends to teach.

· Training times. Spend time in teacher-training meetings talking about the beliefs of your church. Invite a pastor to talk to your volunteers about what your church believes. Allow time for questions. If you notice a teacher having a problem with a certain basic truth, talk privately to that teacher about it.

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