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Our "Hot Topic" (made you think) article in the Nov/Dec issue of Children's Ministry Magazine is "Beyond the Birds and Bees."

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In it, our staff dug up real-life issues in actual children's ministries regarding hard-to-deal-with sexuality issues. For example, what do you do if you have a boy who really wants to be a girl and starts dressing as such? Don't believe that's a possibility? In our community, we have this very thing going on–and it's public knowledge because the boy/girl let a large newspaper do a huge article on him/her. And this person goes to a local youth group so the church team wonders which restroom the person should use; on overnight events, where does this person sleep? (I myself wonder about the deeper issue of what do you say about God their creator to a child who is seeking God and having gender identity issues?)

The easy answer is to just say these things are "sin" and discount them and the child and alienate children forever from the love and presence of God. But it's the chicken way–and the way that we so often choose because we are afraid of things we don't understand.

Another example: A family is experiencing divorce because Dad has a boyfriend. The two kids are in the children's ministry. What do you say to them? How do you minister to them? How do you separate your feelings about the dad's moral failure from the needs of the family for care and ministry?

Small Churches Rock!

I think the experts in the article did a superb job of helping us navigate some of these issues. But, I wonder, have others dealt with these–and more–issues surrounding "today's sexuality" and how have you dealt with them? What are some issues you're dealing with now that you could use expert help to figure out?

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