Hope for Haiti


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As some of you know, my husband, Ray, works at the Denver Children's Hospital. He sent me this email today and I thought it was something you'd want to read.

"Wanted to share – a team of doctors and nurses from TCH went on their own to Haiti to help.  The Hospital donated a bunch of supplies to this team, and one of the doctors who went is somebody we work with quite a bit in CAS – so we have a personal connection to the team which makes it special. 

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" Here is from a blog TCH setup about their night last night:

'There is a man here named Mark who does a lot of work in Haiti and likes to sing with them and educate through song. After dinner he led all the children staying here around the camp singing songs and dancing. Pretty soon we all either voluntarily joined in or where coaxed in by the crew. They love to sing and jump and dance. They love to interact with us, play, have their pictures taken. It was almost a blessing it was dark because we couldn't take pictures or video much. Instead we simply had to join in.

This is the hope of Haiti. You will hear different reports everywhere about how efforts are going down here. We are here for the heart of these people. For the kids who love to dance and sing and continue to do so despite the tragedy around them.'

"Right in the middle of all the destruction, all the trauma, and the horrendous hurting in Haiti – what is happening? God is present.  God is especially present and there for the children – for the least of these.  God is leading the children in actions that give the adults hope.  I find it so amazing that in trauma – it is the children who often lead us back to hope."

Here’s the blog address:



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