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Homemade Gift Wrap

wrappingKids will have a blast making their very own wrapping paper to use or share with others.

Age Level: 6 to 12

Materials: White butcher paper, paper, Styrofoam blocks, ballpoint pens, tempera paint, disposable plates, a large work space, a sponge or foam roller, and 10-inch pieces of ribbon

Time: About 30 minutes

Give each child a large sheet of white butcher paper and a 4x4-inch piece of Styrofoam. Then have kids each draw on the Styrofoam an outline of the shape they want to imprint on their wrapping paper such as a cross, a Christmas tree, or a heart. Have kids cut away the excess Styrofoam from around the shape to create a stamp.

Using a sponge or foam roller, apply a thin layer of paint over the shape only. Allow kids to practice their stamp on a plain piece of paper before they begin making their wrapping paper. Once they've practiced, have kids decorate their piece of butcher paper as they wish. Kids can use one or more colors. When children have finished, have them set aside their sheets to dry.

Finish the sheets by rolling and tying them with a piece of ribbon. These handmade papers make a special wrap for kids' gifts or a wonderful gift by themselves.

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