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Topic: Obeying Parents
Scriptures You Might Read: Ephesians 6:1-3; Colossians 3:20

The Scene: A living room

The Simple Setup: The only set you’ll need is a small
table at one side of the stage with a pencil on it. You’ll also
need a piece of paper, two small pillows, two arm slings,
(bandannas tied at the shoulder work well), and several adhesive
bandages. All actors may wear casual clothes. Brother and Sister
should wear shirts loose enough that small pillows can be stuffed
under them during the skit. Have an adult offstage to help Brother
and Sister add pillows, slings, and bandages at the appropriate
times. To make the crashing sounds have an offstage helper drop a
large box of pots and pans or something else that will clatter
noisily. With minor word changes actors of either gender could play
all roles

Puppet Options: You could use puppets for all the roles.
If you want to involve a leader cast her as Mom (or cast him as
Dad). If you use puppets, use the behind-the-scenes area under the
puppet stage as the ‘kitchen.’ Inflate the Brother and Sister
puppets’ abdomens with balls of masking tape, sticky side out so
they adhere to the puppets. You won’t need the table if you use
puppets — just put the pencil in any convenient spot.

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Extra Touches: If you’d like, add a sofa or overstuffed
chair to help identify the location as a living room.

The Characters:
Brother, who wants to break the rules
Sister, his similar sibling
Mom, their mother

(As the skit begins, Mom is talking to Brother and Sister.)
Mom: OK, kids. I’m just going to be gone for FIVE MINUTES. You can
take care of yourselves for THAT long, RIGHT?

Sister and Brother: (Speaking together) YES, Mom!

Mom: All RIGHT. But REMEMBER: FOLLOW THE RULES posted on the

Sister and Brother: (Speaking together) YES, Mom!

Mom: See you in FIVE MINUTES. BYE!

Sister and Brother: (Speaking together) BYE, Mom!

(Mom exits the stage. Sister watches through an imaginary front

Brother: Is she GONE yet?

Sister: Sure IS!

Brother: GREAT! We’re finally…

Sister and Brother: (Speaking together) …HOME ALONE!

Brother: This is our BIG CHANCE to do ANYTHING WE WANT!

Sister: YEAH, like…

Sister and Brother: (Speaking together) …BREAKING ALL THE RULES ON

Brother: I’ll go get the LIST. (Exits the stage.)

Sister: HURRY! We’ve only got FIVE MINUTES!

(Brother returns with a piece of paper.)

Brother: Here it IS! Let’s see if we can break ALL THE RULES
before she comes BACK!

Sister: (Looking at list and reading) “RULE NUMBER ONE: NO SWEET
SNACKS between MEALS.”

Brother: Oh, BOY! I can hardly WAIT to break THIS one! Let’s go in
the KITCHEN and eat all the SWEET STUFF we can FIND!

(Brother puts the list on the table. Brother and sister exit the
stage, then call out the following lines from offstage while making
loud chewing noises. While the actors are offstage, a helper helps
them stuff pillows under their shirts.)

Sister: Mmm…CANDY BARS!



Brother: Mmm…a WHOLE BAG OF CHOCOLATES left over from HALLOWEEN



(After making a few more noisy eating sounds. Brother and Sister
enter the stage, holding their huge stomachs.)

Sister: OH, I don’t FEEL so good.

Brother: Me NEITHER. But we’d better HURRY! We’ve got MORE RULES
TO BREAK before MOM gets back.

Sister: (Picks up the piece of paper and reads.) “RULE NUMBER TWO:

Brother: (Holding his stomach) OK, here GOES..

Sister: OH, not so FAST! I’ve got to move SLOWLY or I’ll

(Sister puts the list on the table. Brother and Sister exit the
stage, then call out the following lines from offstage. While the
actors are offstage, a helper puts bandages on their faces and puts
their arms in slings.)

Brother: OOF! It’s hard to get UP here when I’m so FULL.

Sister: You’re telling ME.

Brother: UH-oh!

Sister: Look OUT!

(Offstage helper makes a loud crashing sound.)

Brother: OW!

Sister: You knocked over the DISHES!

Brother: Well, YOU knocked over the…

(Offstage helper interrupts with loud crashing sound.)

Sister: OUCH!

Brother: NOW look what you did!

Sister: Look what YOU did!

Brother: Let’s get OUT of here!

(Brother and Sister enter the stage, holding their stomachs and
patting their sore arms.)

Brother: OHH…

Sister: OHH…

Brother: How many RULES do we have left to BREAK?

Sister: Just ONE. But MOM will be back any MINUTE.

Brother: (Picks up the list from the table and reads.) “RULE

Sister: MATCHES? Oh, NO!

Brother: I don’t even WANT to play with matches!

Sister: We might BURN THE HOUSE DOWN!

Brother: But if we follow the RULES, we’ll be…

Sister and Brother: (Speaking together) …OBEYING OUR

Sister: (Pauses.) Maybe that’s not a bad IDEA.

Brother: OHH, maybe you’re RIGHT.

Sister: OOH, I think I’ll go to BED.

Brother: Me, TOO-right after I leave a NOTE for MOM.

(Brother picks up the pencil from the table and scribbles on the
piece of paper as Sister watches over his shoulder.)

Sister: YEAH. Good IDEA.

(Brother puts the note on the table. Groaning, Brother and Sister
stagger off the stage. After a pause, Mom enters the stage.)

Mom: HELLO! I’m BACK! (Looks around.) HMM, I wonder where they
WENT. (Sees the note, picks it up, and reads it aloud.) ‘DEAR MOM,
HERE is a new RULE for YOU: PLEASE don’t EVER leave us HOME ALONE
AGAIN!” (Pauses.) I wonder what THAT’S all about!

(Scratching her chin, Mom exits the stage.)

To Talk About:
In real life, are children more eager to break rules when parents
aren’t around? Why or why not?

Have you ever broken a rule and been sorry about it later? What

What are the top three rules in your home — written or
unwritten? How and why do you think these rules were formed?

If you were a parent, how would you help your children obey the
rules when you weren’t around? Would you mention that God is always
with us? Why or why not?

Other Topical Tie-Ins:
Obeying God’s rules
Listening to wisdom

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