Hidden in the Heart Activity


Use this bulletin board craft idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
You’ll need card stock, several colors of felt or other fabric
scraps, lace, ribbon, leather laces, glue, scissors, staplers,
puffy fabric paint, and fine-tipped markers. Make these hearts
three weeks before Valentine’s Day.

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Have each child cut out a 6-inch wide heart from card stock and
one from a piece of fabric or felt. Have kids staple a ribbon loop
to the top center of the card stock heart to make a hanger. Then
kids can create a decorative border by stapling lace, ribbon, or
leather laces around the outside edge of the heart.

Using glue, attach the fabric heart to the card stock heart.
Then make a pocket using another color of fabric cut in the shape
of the lower half of the heart. Glue the bottom and side edges of
the pocket on top of the fabric heart.

Using puffy fabric paint, have kids write “I’ll hide your Word
in my heart” on their hearts. While the hearts dry, have kids
choose one Bible verse relating to love that they’ll memorize. Have
kids each write their verse on a card stock strip and tuck it into
their heart. Hang each heart on your bulletin board, and take time
each week for kids to learn their verses. On the Sunday after
Valentine’s Day, have kids take home their hearts. Encourage kids
to continue storing God’s Word in their hearts each time they learn
a new verse.

From “Age Level Insights 3 to 5″
featured in the January/February 2009 issue of
Children’s Ministry magazine…

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Susie Bratsch
Collinsville, Illinois



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For more great articles like this, subscribe to our magazine. Buy 3+ subscriptions for only $12 each.