Helping Hands

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Use this activity to help kids discover they have the ability to help others.

You’ll need a cupcake for each child, small bowls of icing, plastic knives, and a Bible.
Tell kids to put one hand behind their backs and keep it there as they try to ice the cupcakes. Let children try for a couple minutes—they’ll struggle as the bowls will scoot and the cupcakes won’t be stable, making it difficult to ice the cupcake. Ask kids to take a break from their task, then read aloud Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.

Say: Many times we can’t do something on our own. Let’s get some help for icing the cupcakes. 

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Tap every other child and ask him or her to help the child to the right ice the cupcake. One child can hold the bowl and cupcake steady while the other puts on the icing. Then have children switch roles. Have kids talk about why it’s important to help others and who they can help this week.

Carla Joinson
Arlington, Virginia

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