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Helpful Hint: I Can Help

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When 3- through 5-year-olds are combined in one class, the older kids may get bored and troublesome. To keep the older kids interested in class activities, I involve them in "helper" activities. This is also a great way to affirm children for a job well done.

I have children do the following:

  • Bible Helper brings the Bible from the shelf to group time and holds the Bible while it's read.
  • Light Helper flashes the lights at transition time to get kids' attention.
  • Prayer Helper leads the prayer at snack time.
  • Snack Helper helps serve the snack to the others.
  • Cleanup Helper is responsible for reminding kids to throw away any trash and clean up their areas.

To keep from losing track of who's had a turn helping, I keep a running chart of each Sunday's helpers. This alleviates hurt feelings or left-out kids.

Nancy Paulson
Portland, Oregon

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