Help Sheet For Allergic Reactions


Post tip sheet for handling kids’ severe allergic

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How to Handle a Severe Allergic Reaction

Call 911. A child suffering a severe allergic
reaction needs medical attention immediately. Have another person
contact the child’s parents while you stay with the child. Use a
soothing tone and words with the child to help him or her remain

If the child has an injectable allergy medication such
as an Epi-Pen, administer it.
Read and follow the
directions carefully.

Give the child Benadryl if he or she is able to
breathe and swallow.
Carefully read and follow directions,
and ensure that the Benedryl is for the treatment of allergies
rather than cold and flu symptoms.

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If the child has an asthma bronchodilator inhaler or
an over-the-counter inhaler, use it to combat airway spasms created
by an allergic reaction.

Do not leave the child. If the child loses
the ability to breathe or loses consciousness, you may need to
administer CPR. If the child is conscious, offer encouragement that
he or she will feel better soon and that help is on the way.


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