Preschoolers: Here’s How to Throw a Birthday Bash for Jesus!

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This Christmas, put Jesus center stage by throwing him a birthday bash with your preschoolers! Follow these simple steps, and it’ll come together in a flash!

  • Step One: Decorate the room and hallway with streamers, Mylar balloons, and “Happy Birthday, Jesus” signs. Show kids today is a special day.
  • Step Two: As children enter, play kids’ praise music to welcome them. Preschoolers understand a birthday, and they’ll be excited to take part.
  • Step Three: Play a few simple party games like Pass the Baby. Have children hug a baby doll and then pass it on.
  • Step Four: Gather kids around your snack table and turn off the lights. Sing “Happy Birthday” while you enter with a small cake. (Alert: Consider any food allergies.)
  • Step Five: If funds allow, send each child home with a party favor. Tell children Jesus is so happy they attended his birthday bash

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  1. We did that for several years. The last few years we rented the local roller skating rink and invite the community for free skate. We encourage them to bring a gift for a local ministry or charity. We change it every year. We went from 40-50 kids to 200-250!

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