Growing in God’s Garden



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Make these summertime gifts for parents of your toddlers and
babies as a way to encourage parents to share their faith with
their children.

Take a photo of each child in your nursery, and then create
personalized seed packets, with how-to-grow instructions.

You’ll need one medium-size, flat coin envelope (available at
discount and office supply stores) for each child. Trim each photo
and glue it to the lower two-thirds of a coin envelope. Write the
child’s name across the top of each envelope where the name of a
plant would usually appear.

On the back of the envelopes add labels that say: “Care
Instructions: Needs lot of sunshine, hugs, and love, ‘for they are
transplanted to the Lord’s own house. They flourish in the courts
of our God. Even in old age; they will still produce fruit; they
will remain vital and green’ (Psalm 92:13).”

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Kristy Coughlin
Los Angeles, California


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