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Green Light Go!

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This game gets a group together.

Lay one red, one yellow and one green blanket side by side on the ground, with the yellow blanket in the middle. If you don't have blankets these colors, lay down three blankets and designate red, yellow or green for each blanket. Tell kids the colors represent a traffic light.

Have all the children stand on the yellow blanket. When you shout another color, have the children quickly move to the appropriate blanket. The last child to get both feet on the correct blanket is eliminated from the game.

To make the game more challenging, occasionally call out the color on which the children are already standing. Anyone who steps off that blanket is eliminated.

For a change of pace, call out "traffic accident" and have everyone vacate the blankets. The last child to get off is eliminated. Keep the pace quick and vary the colors called. The last person to remain in the traffic light gets to call out the colors in the next round of play.

Excerpted from Fun Group Games for Children's Ministry (Group).


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