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Filled With Love

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You’ll Need: a Bible; strawberries, cut in half
lengthwise; cream cheese; sliced bagels; plastic knives; plates;
and napkins

Get Ready: Spread out all the snack supplies on a table.
Optional: Use a disposable tablecloth to make cleanup easier. Read
aloud Romans 5:5. Say: God can fill our hearts with love through
his Holy Spirit. Hold up a bagel slice. Let’s say this bagel
represents a person who doesn’t believe in God. There’s something
missing! Point to the hole in the bagel. Give everyone a bagel
slice on a plate.

Say: When the Holy Spirit comes, he spreads his
love all over us. Spread the cream cheese on your bagel. Allow

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Say: And when the Holy Spirit fills our hearts,
we’re full of love, and not missing anything! Cover the hole in
your bagel with a strawberry slice to show how your heart is full
of God’s love. Have each person put a strawberry slice in the
middle to cover the hole in the bagel.

Ask: How does God’s love help fill us when we
feel empty? Describe what difference God’s love makes in your

Say: God loves us so much that he sent Jesus to
die for us. And after Jesus came back to life and went to heaven,
he sent the Holy Spirit to be here on earth. The Holy Spirit is
inside everyone who believes in Jesus, so we’re never alone. We can
be full of God’s love!


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