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You’ll Need: a Bible; red tablecloths; party
favor bags with heart designs (6 to 8 per group or family);
heart-shaped items for favor bags such as cookie cutters,
chocolates, lollipops, or balloons (not infl ated); red gift ribbon
cut into foot-long pieces (one per favor bag); a printer; hole
punches; and adult chaperones if it’s not a family project

Get Ready: Print small tags that have your
church name and information on one side and “God loves you!” on the
other side. Set up folding tables at the back of the room as an
assembly station. Decorate the tables with red tablecloths and
place favor bags, gift items, tags, hole punches, and ribbon

Read aloud Galatians 5:13. Say: We can’t keep
God’s love only to ourselves- we share it by serving others. When
we really understand how much God loves us, his love overfl ows out
of our hearts and spills onto our neighbors, too! Sometimes just
telling someone “God loves you!” and showing kindness to that
person is all we need to do. Let’s create some fun goody bags to
show the people in our neighborhood that God loves them.

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Instruct everyone to come to the favor bag assembly station at
the back of the room. Station smaller children and a few adults at
one end and the older children and additional adults at the other
end. The smaller children can take a favor bag and walk down the
assembly line, placing each of the various items inside the bag and
handing it off to an older child or adult. The older children and
adults can holepunch tags, string them onto a piece of ribbon, and
tie the ribbon in a knot or bow around the top of the favor

When the favor bags are completed, ask: Which items in our favor
bags do you think show the most love, and why? What do you hope
people do or think when they get these bags?

Say: These favor bags are just a small reminder
of God’s love. Let’s take these to our neighbors and share his love
with them. Before we go, let’s pray.

Pray: Dear God, we ask that you multiply your
love as we try to share it with our neighbors. Touch their hearts
and let them know just how much you love them. In Jesus’ name,

If you’re not using this as a family activity, form small groups
and include two adults in each group. Give each family or small
group 6 to 8 goody bags and send them out in different directions
to distribute bags. If the weather or time doesn’t permit immediate
distribution of the favor bags to neighbors around your church,
have kids or families take a gift bag home and distribute favor
bags to their own neighbors at a later time.


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