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Heart Tag

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You’ll Need: a Bible, heart stickers (one sheet
per person), and a large, open activity area

Get Ready: Set up chairs around the perimeter
of the room. Say: Have you ever noticed that when
you give something away, you usually don’t have it anymore? If you
spend all your money, you don’t have any left. If you pour milk
into cups
and everyone drinks it, you don’t have any left. Let’s try a game
to see just how this works. I’m going to give everyone a sheet of
stickers, and you all need to run around the room “tagging” each
other with stickers. Be gentle with each other, but keep going
until you’re all out of stickers. When you run out, sit in a chair
next to your family or friends.

Have adults or older children help you distribute the sticker
sheets. Allow time for everyone to play. When all the sheets are
empty, have everyone sit down.

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Say: Show me your sheets of stickers. Hold them
up high! Pause. It looks like all your stickers are gone.
Ask: Even though you gave away all your heart
stickers, how many do you have? Allow time for people to count the
stickers attached to them.

Say: Tell about a time you gave away love and
felt loved in return. Say: In God’s kingdom, we
give away love but we keep getting more and more of it. God keeps
on showing us his love, so we’ll never run out.

Read aloud Romans 8:38-39. Nothing can make God
stop loving us. Nothing will ever make God’s love run out.


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