Goodbye, Renee


This morning, I went to a memorial service of a wonderful mother, wife, woman. She wanted the service to be upbeat and positive–and it was. She truly was a generous, loving, giving, fun person. And she died so quickly…diagnosed in July 07 and died in March 08. It happened too fast.

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I came away wondering why it is that at services like this I have a twinge of regret. "She was amazing; I wish I’d known her even better." And then I start to make promises to myself that I’ll be a better friend to the friends I have now. I can always do better.

My friend RoseAnne said once that eternity is like a book–and our life here on earth is like an itty bitty period in that book–compared to the rest of time.

Renee’s short time on earth is over. But now she’s with Jesus forever–the Savior she loved and lived for. We’ll miss her here.

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