God Hears Our Voices


A fun Bible activity to highlight how God hears our

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Topic: Prayer
Scripture: 2 Chronicles 30:27
Game Overview: Kids will record their voices,
then listen as they learn God hears our prayers.
Game Type: Low energy
Supplies: Bible, smartphone or tablet using
either video or Audio Memo app

Gather children in an area where the video or audio app can be
easily used. Say: Each of us is going to record a message. Then
we’ll play the recording to see if we can guess who’s talking. When
it’s your turn, say, “God knows my voice when I talk to him.”

Record each child’s voice, and then start the recording to the

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Leader Tip

You may want to jot down the order in which children speak. Be
sure to leave a brief space after each voice so you can start and
stop the recording without cutting off anyone’s words.

Ask children to find a new place in the circle, and then play
the recording and let kids guess who’s talking.

At the end of the game, discuss the following question:

• What do you think it’s like for God to hear all of our
different voices?

Read 2 Chronicles 30:27; then say: God doesn’t have
to guess who’s talking to him. God knows the voice of each person
who talks to him. God hears us when we pray to him!



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