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God Cares For Me

Objective: Children will learn that God cares for the birds and for them.

Stuff you'll need: Two jar lids for each child, two long nails with heads, stale doughnuts, string, a hammer, and pliers.

Text: Matthew 6:25-34

Tell kids to:
*Make a hole in the center of each lid by pounding a nail through and wiggling it around. Pound the sharp edges flat. (Help younger children do this.)
*Thread the first lid, the doughnut, and the second lid onto the nail. (See illustration.) Use the pliers to bend the nail tip. Tie string around the nail head and hang the bird feeder from a branch.

Talk Teasers: (Read the Scripture.) *Ask: How did God use you today to provide for the birds? What other ways does God provide for birds' needs? How does God provide for your needs? Why does God say you're more important than the birds? What is something you've been worrying about that you need to trust God to provide?

Close in prayer, citing the things that children mention.
Ellen Humbert
Mesa, Arizona


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