God Can Do All Things: Grades 3 and 4


1. Mix It Up-In a large bowl, pour 1 quart of
half-and-half and a dash of salt. Mix it up, then úask: Does this
look like butter to you? Why or why not? Do you believe you can
make this into butter? Why or why not?

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Give each child a clean baby food jar and lid. Fill each child’s
jar half-full with the mixture. Have children each tightly close
their lid on their jar and shake the mixture. Tell kids to keep
shaking throughout the lesson until their mixture becomes

Ask: Some of you may think it’s impossible for this
mixture to become butter. But you’re going to see the mixture
change. God can do the impossible too. Every day, God is working
miracles and doing the impossible to change things.

Ask: Do you know of any miracles God has done?

2. Tiny Faith-Say: Today’s lesson is
about faith and what it means. What does “faith” mean to you? How
much faith does it take to do the impossible?

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Display a basketball, a baseball, a Ping-Pong ball and a mustard
seed on a table. Ask: If your faith was as big as one of
these balls, which size ball would you want your faith to be?

Have kids stand by the ball they’d most want their faith to be

Then read aloud Matthew 17:14-20. Ask: How much faith
does it take to do the impossible? What’s an impossible thing in
your life that you need God’s help with?

Have children each write that situation on a 3X5 card and then use
transparent tape to tape a mustard seed to their card.
Say: It doesn’t take much faith to believe God can do the
impossible. Let’s ask God to do the impossible in our impossible

Form groups of three. Have children pray for one anothers’

3. Faith Mural-Tape large pieces of butcher paper
to the wall. Form groups of three, then give groups markers and a
Bible. Have groups each read Hebrews 11 and draw a different faith story
depicted in this chapter.

4. Bread of Life-Bring out a loaf of French bread.
Break the loaf into pieces. Say: Just as it took time for
you to make your butter, sometimes it takes time to see God work
miracles in our lives. Don’t give up believing. Keep believing,
just as you kept shaking your jar. And you’ll enjoy the results of
your faith just as we’re going to enjoy the results of your

Give kids blunt knives to spread their butter on the bread and let
them enjoy their snacks.



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