God Can Do All Things: Grades 1 and 2


1.It’s Impossible-Have children sit in a circle
and one by one finish the sentence, “It’s impossible to…” Tell
kids that there are no wrong answers. Kids who don’t answer within
10 seconds lose their turns. After everyone has had a chance to
answer, talk about some of the creative impossibilities.

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Ask: What is something that’s impossible for God to

2. Is It Impossible?-Say: Some things
look impossible but they really aren’t.

Show kids a 3X5 card and úask: Do you believe I can fit my hand
through this card? Why or why not? Well, I can fit my hand through
this card. Would any of you like to figure out how?

Let children try for a solution with extra 3X5 cards. When kids
give up, lead kids in the following steps: Fold the card in half
lengthwise (see illustration). Draw a series of parallel lines
1/2-inch apart. Cut along the lines through the folded edge, but
don’t cut through the open edges of the card. Cut along the middle
fold leaving the end strips intact. Unfold the card and stick your
hand through the hole.

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3. It Looks Possible!-Say: Some things
look possible but really aren’t. Stand up against a wall with your
shoulder and right foot touching the wall. Now lift your left foot.
(This will be impossible.)

Afterward, ask: How did you feel as you tried to do this
impossible activity? What are other things that seem impossible for
you to do? Can God do those things? Why or why not?

4. Everything Can Be Possible-Read aloud Matthew 19:26. Say: God does things
that seem impossible every day. We don’t know how some of these
things happen, but we believe that God will continue his miracles.
This week you’ll have a chance to watch your own miracle happen.
We’re going to plant seeds without using dirt and by next week God
will help them grow.

Give each child a cup to decorate with crayons. Have children each
put a wet paper towel in the bottom of their cup and sprinkle mung
beans on the paper towel. Then have them each cover their cup with
plastic wrap, secure it with a rubber band and punch small air
holes in the plastic wrap. Tell children to keep the towel damp and
the seeds will grow into sprouts that the children can eat with

5. Snack-Serve a salad with bean sprouts.
Pray: Dear God, help us always have faith in you even when
things seem impossible. Thank you for being able to make impossible
things possible. Amen.




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