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God Can Do All Things: Ages 4 and 5

Sheila Halasz and Susan Petty


4. Walk on Water-Give each child two plastic foam meat trays. Tell children to take their shoes and socks off and place one foot over each tray. Have children each use a sharp pencil to trace around their feet on their meat trays.

Help children cut out their feet outlines. When finished, lead children to a sink or large tub of water. Have children take turns floating their plastic-foam feet in the water. Say: Use these feet in your bathtub or sink at home and retell the story about Jesus to your parents.

5. Floats-Before snack time, pray: Dear God, thank you for this snack. May we always know that you're the only one who can do the impossible. Amen.

Serve glasses of lemon-lime soda with sherbet floating on top.

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