God Can Do All Things: Ages 4 and 5


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1. Possible or Impossible?-Have children tell you
about a favorite cartoon or movie. When children mention something
that’s possible or impossible for a character to do,
ask: Would that be possible for someone to do in
real life? Why or why not?

Say: Sometimes it’s hard to tell which things on
television are really real and which are only pretend. Television
can look very real, but not everything on television is true or
even possible. The people who make TV shows use photography to make
things look possible when they’re really not.

2. Fantasy Book-Say: You were good at
telling me which things were impossible in the cartoon. Let’s see
if you can tell which things are impossible in a book.

Read any short fantasy book such as The Cat in the Hat by Dr.
Seuss or Just a Daydream by Mercer Mayer. Discuss which things in
the book couldn’t happen in real life and which things could.

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3. Possibility-Say: Now I want to tell
you a story from the Bible, and you tell me if it’s possible or

Read or paraphrase Matthew 14:22-33, the story of Jesus walking
on the water.

Ask: Is this story possible or impossible? Explain. How
could Jesus walk on water? Why can’t we walk on water? Is there
anything God can’t do? If so, what?

Say: The nice thing about anything we read in the Bible
is that it’s always true and always possible. God can do anything,
even if it seems impossible to us. You may not always be sure of
everything on television or in books, but you can always be sure of
God and the words in the Bible. The Bible is always true. And with
God, all things are possible.


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