God Can Do All Things: Ages 2 and 3


Help kids believe that God can do the impossible.

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1. Can You Lift It?

Before class, hide at least one rock in the room for each child.
Try to get various sizes, shapes and colors. In the middle of the
room, place a large rock that’s too heavy for the children to lift.
When the children arrive, ask if they notice anything new in the
classroom. Talk about the rock and how it might’ve gotten

Say: This rock is taking up too much room in our class. I
think we should move it out of the way.

Let each child try to move it. Say: Some rocks are just
too heavy for us to lift. There are many rocks that are too heavy
for grownups to lift. This rock is too heavy to move and it’ll have
to stay here until we can get some help. (If possible, take
children outside to look for rocks or things too heavy for any
adult to lift.)

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Leave the rock in the middle of the room for the rest of the
lesson. Sit on the rock and have children sit around you in a

2. Rolled Away

Paraphrase John 20:1, : When Jesus died, a huge rock
bigger than this one was rolled in front of the cave where he was
buried. No one could even wiggle that rock. But God rolled that
rock away. God can move anything!

3. Find the Rocks

Say: Hiding in this room are rocks you can pick up. I want you
to find one rock and then come back to our big rock.

After children each find a rock, have them examine their rock and
tell something they notice about it. It may have sparkles, holes or
an interesting color or shape.

4. Rock Scramble

Tell children each to look at their rock one last time and then
put it into a pile by the large rock. Mix up all the rocks.
Say: Now I want you to find your rock. (Even the smallest
children will recognize their rock and be happy to get it

After children each have their rock, say: You can pick up
the small rock, but you can’t pick up this big rock. God can pick
up any rock. God can do anything.

Ask: What are some things God can do that seem hard?

5. Rock Friends

Supply markers, yarn and glue. Let children decorate their rocks
any way they like. Tell them to take their rock friends home with
them to remind them about the big things that only God can

6. Sweet Rocks

Serve children rock candy and “juice on the rocks” (juice with
ice cubes). “Pray: Dear God, thank you for this snack and these
rock friends. Help us believe that you can do anything.

Sheila Halasz is a children’s program coordinator in Illinois.
Susan Petty is a learning-center director in Arkansas.

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