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I'm reading in Genesis (in the God Sightings Bible), and something captured my attention.

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In Genesis 24, when the servant went to find Isaac a wife, he did exactly what Abraham said. And when he found Rebekah and knew that God had led him, verse 26 says, "The man fell down to the ground and worshiped the Lord."

Interesting…I've always found that curious, but I feel like I understand it more now. Someone shared with me recently that God had led her to do an outrageous thing and as she obeyed, God did a work in her. I think God had done a work in this servant's heart as he traveled (who knows how long?). God had built into him along the way all he would need to accomplish the task. I'm sure he had observed Abraham's faith in God for decades. Now the God of Abraham became very personal to the servant. He waited and trusted and hoped that this God was real. And when Rebekah did exactly what he had asked God to have her do, he fell to the ground and worshiped.

What about us? I believe God is passionately involved in whatever mission he has called us to. Yet more than anything, he's at work IN US. He's building our faith, nurturing our hope. He's building our intimacy with him along the way.

That's exciting to me. It really isn't always about the destination, but about the journey. So while I feel God calling me to something that I think is near impossible and all I can do is see the multitude of obstacles, God persistently and gently calls to me. It makes the doing of the impossible that much more possible because I know that my loving God wants to do a work of healing in me.

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