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Gifts We Give

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Combine teacher appreciation with quick training, using these ideas.

Set the Mood
Decorate the tables with wrapping paper, bows, and curling ribbon. Make a special place for each teacher by adding this poem to a placemat, bookmark, or place card.

Children -- God's Gift to Us
Some come in boxes, tied up with bows.
Others are covered with paper that glows.
However they come, there's one thing we know -- Children are God's gift to us.
Some come in gift bags and tissue paper fluff.
Others are sloppy with "hangin' out stuff."
However they come, we can't say it enough -- Children are God's gift to us

Speak the Truth
As a training theme, use the topic "Gifts We Give Children." Ahead of time, collect thank you letters from children and parents to read to your volunteers to focus on all the ways they've blessed children.

Say a Prayer
Ahead of time, write each teacher's name on a gift tag and then put the tags in a gift bag. Have teachers each draw a tag and pray for that person.

Special Delivery
In closing, give a small gift to your teachers. Gift certificates to coffee shops and bookstores are a great way to say thanks. If your budget is tight, consider making your own gift certificates for "Coffee and Doughnut Delivered to Your Classroom," "One Complimentary Puppet Performance," or "One Free Storytelling."

Lori Turner
Fredericktown, Ohio

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