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G.I.F.T.S For Volunteers

GiftsThis year, consider giving each of your volunteers a G.I.F.T.-with no strings or cost attached.

Grace. In the New Testament, the same root word is used for gift and grace. What better gift to give your volunteers? When they stumble, give them the same grace you'd like to receive.

Intention. In his blog, publisher Michael Hyatt says the best-kept secret for success is intentionality-paying genuine attention to what's happening and planning with the end in mind. Give your volunteers the best planning you can.

Food. Jesus used shared meals as a time for relationship. Whenever you gather with volunteers, offer them the gift of food (and Starbucks, of course).

Time. Ben Franklin said time is the "stuff life is made of." Give your volunteers time to prepare, time to rest, and time to give kids their undivided attention.
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