Gethsemane Snacks



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Use these fun foods to remind kids of Jesus’ time in

Age Level: 3 to 12
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Materials: Bible, graham crackers, gummy worms,
chocolate-covered raisins, pretzel sticks, small marshmallows,
resealable baggies, paper plates, napkins, and plastic spoons

Read aloud Mark 14:32-50. As you narrate the biblical account,
have kids or volunteers pass out the coordinating snacks. Give each
child a paper plate to re-enact the events.

  • Crumbled graham crackers in resealable baggies and
    chocolate-covered raisins represent the ground and rocks where
    Jesus knelt. Pour the “sand” onto the paper plate and scatter
  • Gummy worms represent the disciples’ temptation to fall
  • Marshmallows represent the soft places where the disciples
    rested their heads and slept.
  • Use pretzel sticks to represent the swords and clubs the men
    carried who came to arrest Jesus.

Andrea Kessler, Fairfax, Virginia

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