Get Revved Up!


Use this racing-themed event to train your
volunteers for a championship year!

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Close your eyes, and think about your program next May. Kids
graduate to the next level of classes. Teachers are a bit tired,
but fulfilled. Lives are changed. Can you see it?

That’s you…standing in the center of the Winner’s Circle!
Champagne bottles (nonalcoholic, of course) pop all around you, and
your friends bathe you in congratulations for a winning year! Your
team reached kids in amazing ways for Christ!

Not only that, but God watches from the stands and shouts over
you, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!” You and your team
celebrate like champions!

So how do you and your team get there? How do you end up crossing
the finish line and winning the trophy…not the wooden and metal
kind, but the eternal kind that Paul talks about in 2 Timothy 4:7-8: “I have fought a good fight,
I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful. And now the
prize awaits me — the crown of righteousness that the Lord, the
righteous Judge, will give me on that great day of his return. And
the prize is not just for me but for all who eagerly look forward
to his glorious return.” To lead your team to a victorious finish
this year, get their engines revved up with this racing-themed
training event!

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Cover tables with red tablecloths. Sprinkle black and white
confetti on the tables. And use the Quick Wrap Race centerpieces
from Awesome Design Centerpieces ($7.25 each; Item SPT86;

Cover your registration table with a red tablecloth, and place
bouquets of black and white helium balloons at each end of the

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On-Track Registration

When your volunteers arrive, give them a Race Guide and a pen or
pencil for your training time. They’ll need to keep these handy for

Also for the crowdbreaker, tape one of the high-octane fuel words
to participants’ backs, without them seeing the word you tape to
them. As you tape the word, explain that a winning year is
dependent on filling our tanks with the best fuel. Encourage people
to mill around and ask one another questions until they finally
guess the word that’s on their back. They’ll need to ask yes or no
questions to determine what their word is.

Start Your Engines

Say: Welcome to our Get Revved Up event! You are all
winners to me! God has brought us together for some amazing things
this year. We want to get up to speed for the coming year so we can
have a winning ministry as we serve Jesus.

Ask people to shout out the things they discovered in the
crowdbreaker that’ll give them high-octane fuel to have a winning
year reaching children.

Say: Let’s get started by getting with our Race Crews.
Some of you are like drivers who are hands-on with ministry to
kids, and some of you are in the pit crews that support our drivers
with things such as crafts and supplies or snacks. We need all of
you to be a winning team and bring kids across the finish line of

Form groups of four with people who serve in the same area of
ministry or with the same age group. Say: It’ll be fun to
get to know each other better today! When you get in your group,
tell each other the answer to this question: If you were a car,
what kind of car would you be and why? Perhaps you’re feeling a
little sluggish today and you’d be a beat-up jalopy. Or maybe
everything’s clicking for you today and you’re racing on all
cylinders. If so, you might be a souped-up Corvette.

Sunday School Teacher's Survival Kit

Allow time.

Say: Okay, Race Crews! Take out your Race Guide and get
ready to rumble! or race! We’ve set up five different Pit Stops for
you to race through. Go to each one and complete the task at that
Pit Stop. Keep track of where you are on your Race Guide. I’ll
sound the five-minute warning to let you know when it’s close to
the time to finish your race through the Pit Stops.

Pit Stops

Each person has a Race Guide. As people travel through the Pit
Stops, they’ll accomplish a task.


Preparation: For each team, you’ll need a Race Car Balloon Racer
($5.95 per dozen; available from Oriental Trading Company; Write and post the
Pit Stop Directions for this Pit Stop.

Pit Stop Directions:

1. The goal of this Pit Stop is to get your car across the finish
line. Work with your Race Crew as each person can use only one hand
to complete this task.

2. Take one Race Car Balloon Racer. Inflate the balloon, place it
on the top of the car, set it down, and race to the finish

3. If your car stops before the finish line, inflate it again to
get it across the finish line.

4. Discuss with your Race Crew: How easy or difficult was it to
get your car across the finish line? What helped or hurt your
performance? Which of the things your team experienced could help
or hurt our ministry this year? How can our ministry be sure to do
the things that’ll help us have a winning year?

Volunteer Notebook

5. On your Race Guide, write your “winning strategy” for this Pit
Stop: How will you use what you’ve discovered at this Pit Stop to
have a championship ministry?

Remember When?

Preparation: Write and post the Pit Stop Directions for
this Pit Stop.

Pit Stop Directions:

1. Discuss with a partner in your Race Crew about when you were
the age of the children you’re ministering to. What do you

2. Write three words in your Race Guide that describe you at that

3. Discuss: How do you think the kids you’ll be teaching will be
similar to how you were at their age? How will they be different?
How will remembering you at that age help you be a more effective
teacher for today’s kids?

4. On your Race Guide write your “winning strategy” for this Pit
Stop: How will you use what you’ve discovered at this Pit Stop to
have a championship ministry?

“Jesus Loves Me”

Preparation: Supply Bibles. Write and post the Pit Stop
Directions for this Pit Stop.

Pit Stop Directions:

1. With your Race Crew, create a song with the words from John
3:16. You can use any tune.

2. Perform your song for another Race Crew before you leave this
Pit Stop.

3. Discuss with your Race Crew: How are the truths in this verse
integral to our ministry to children? How can you demonstrate this
verse to kids this year?

4. On your Race Guide write your “winning strategy” for this Pit
Stop: How will you use what you’ve discovered at this Pit Stop to
have a championship ministry?

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